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Want to score some sweet TS3 goodies? Today only, we will be selecting random subscribers to our YouTube channel to receive The Sims 3 stuff. Make sure you're subscribed to our channel!

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A group of top machinima artists as well as builders and designers have gathered to showcase their latest and greatest machinima in the community-created SIFF, or Sims International Film Festival! Head over to the Red Carpet, mingle with the stars, grab a seat and check out the premiere screenings.

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Dit jaar vieren we het 10 jarige bestaan van De Sims. Heb je de speciale feest pagina al bezocht?

Zo ja dan heb je ook vast de leuke wedstrijden gezien waarmee je onder andere kans maakt op een fantastische De Sims laptop. Heb je nog niet meegedaan? Dan kan dit nog tot en met aanstaande zondag!

The Sims 3

Bezoek nu de speciale feestpagina!

Dress up your My Page by adding stickers, a background to your avatar, and collecting unique badges.

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The Sims 3

Add a pair of shoes to your Store Wishlist, share your Wishlist on Twitter or Facebook and you could be randomly gifted! This giveaway is today only!

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Want your Sim to be immortalized on this website? Your Sim can be one of the Default Avatars that you see members using on the forums and their My Pages!

Post a link to your Sim in the thread posted below.

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We asked fans on Facebook to take the iconic Plumbob and recolor it to fit their moods and personalities. Check out what they've created!

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Want in on the Plumbob fun? We invite you to recolor the Plumbob below and share it with us on Facebook or the forums!

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Ever since the Create a World tool has been released, the community has been creating and sharing custom worlds for others to download.

Want to check them out? See the thread the community created to index Worlds ready to download and works in progress.

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Create a World Tool - BETA

Simmers on the TS2 forums are getting together to show off their romance-themed creations for a Valentine's Showcase!

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Happy Valentine’s!

To celebrate the romantic day of the year, we want you to share your most romantic Sims stories with us in your My Page blog! They don’t have to be sugary sweet stories - they could be hilarious, maybe even dramatic!

If you’ve updated your My Page blog with your Simming romance story AND if you’ve updated your Wishlist – share your link to your My Page in this thread and you could be randomly selected to be gifted an item from your Wishlist!

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