Simpedia: SimCity (mobile)

Kleine opmerking: Ik ben op het moment druk aan het werk aan de nieuwe site. Ik wil de site echter niet helemaal offline halen, dus je kunt alles nog gewoon bekijken. Maar de werkzaamheden kunnen er wel voor zorgen dat sommige pagina's er een beetje raar uitzien. Het zal niet heel lang meer duren. Happy


It's the SimCity you know and love, made specifically for your iPhone and iPod touch. And, if you're new to the SimCity universe, prepare yourself for one of the most engaging, addicting games you've ever played. Take charge and create entire cities from the ground up - the sky's the limit!

Maneuver through lush cityscape's with a mere flick of your finger. Plan, build, and manage your thriving new metropolis from budgets to bulldozers, taxes to tornadoes! A helpful tutorial is also available to guide you through your first SimCity adventure.



  • Touch, tap, drag and flick to create a thriving metropolis!
  • Zoom in and out of your vibrant cityscapes by pinching
  • Eight tool categories give you the ability to plan, zone, build, bulldoze, and manage your city
  • Tutorial, starter cities and 3 difficulty modes for fun and challenging gameplay
  • Take charge of the city budget and decide where best to spend taxpayers' hard-earned Simoleons
  • Public works management including Water, Power, Garbage and Recycling
  • Public and private transportation with roads and rail
  • Test your city infrastructure with disasters - UFOs, Fires, Tornados, Earthquakes and Toxic Clouds